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Beräknad sändningsdatum
29 april 2021 - 06 maj 2021

Zero 6 Toric are soft toric contact lenses for correction of astigmatism.

Zero 6 Toric characteristics:
• soft contact lens with external toric geometry
for correction of of internal and corneal astigmatism
double dynamic and prismatic stabilization
Optimized design resulting in reduced thickness

Replacement: 1 year (but some opticians may recommend more frequent replacement)

Previously made by Hydron / Ocular Sciences / Coopervision (until 10/2020), since 11/2020 made in the UK by Cantor+Nissel.

Made-to-order/custom product. No cancellations, returns or exchanges possible.

Tillverkare Cantor+Nissel
Material N/A
Syregenomsläpplighet (Dk/t) 17
Silikonhydrogel Nej
Dag och natt kontaktlinser Nej
Antal linser/box 1
UV-skydd Nej
Bärtid 1 år (rengöras daglig)
Vätskehalt (%) 38,6