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Antal linser / box: 30 Tillverkare: Bausch & Lomb Visa alla produkter från: Bausch & Lomb
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Beräknad sändningsdatum
12 maj 2021 - 13 maj 2021

Soflens Daily Disposable Toric for Astigmatism  is a daily disposable lens for people with astigmatism.

These contact lenses are also ideal for people with allergies, because one-day lenses reduces the possibillity of build-up of pollen and other deposits.

• Crisp, Sharp Vision
The innovative aspheric optics are designed to help improve contrast of the retinal image and consistently reduce spherical aberration across a range of lens powers.
• ComfortMoist™Technology for ALL-DAY Comfort
Reduced mass design and non-ionic material provide a wettable surface for outstanding all day comfort.
• Convenient & Easy Handling
The hilafilcon B polymer reduces tearing & the ergonomic blister pack has been designed for easy, smooth lens removal.

Product facts
 Bausch & Lomb Your prescription.. on the box!

 Type  Daily disposable soft toric contact lenses
 Package Details  30 lenses per box
 Replacement Schedule  Replace daily
 UV blocking  -
 Material and % of content  41% polymer (hilafilcon B)
 Water % of content  59%

Tillverkare Bausch & Lomb
Material Hilafilcon B
Syregenomsläpplighet (Dk/t) 22
Silikonhydrogel Nej
Dag och natt kontaktlinser Nej
Antal linser/box 30
UV-skydd Nej
Bärtid 1 dag
Vätskehalt (%) 59%