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Antal linser / box: 6 Tillverkare: Menicon Visa alla produkter från: Menicon
320,11 kr

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  Ant Styrke (PWR) Baskurva (BC) Diameter (DIA) Cylinder (CYL) Akse (Axis / AX)
Vänster (OS) 8.60 14.00
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8.60 14.00
320,11 kr

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Beräknad sändningsdatum
31 januari 2022 - 07 februari 2022

Miru 1 month for astigmatism are monthly toric contact lenses from the manufacturer Menicon. 6-pack.

Miru 1month lenses have a unique edge profile applied across the whole power range, providing the ultimate in uniform comfort. Whatever the power, the lens periphery and the edge thickness remain the same, eliminating comfort differences between eyes due to variation in edge thickness between lenses.

MeniSilk™technology delivers one of the highest levels of oxygen transmission of any commercially available disposable lens.

A surface engineered for healthy eyes:
NanoGlossTM nanometer precision technology provides a ultra smooth surface, reducing bacterial biofilm adhesion and lipid desposits, supporting clean, healthy lens wear.

NanoGlossTM precision surface resists absorption of cosmetic oils and gels, supporting healthy, clean comfortable wear.

Tillverkare Menicon
Material Asmofilcon A
Syregenomsläpplighet (Dk/t) 161
Silikonhydrogel Ja
Dag och natt kontaktlinser Nej
Antal linser/box 6
UV-skydd Nej
Bärtid 1 månad (rengöras daglig)
Vätskehalt (%) 40