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938,49 kr

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Beräknad sändningsdatum
27 december 2022 - 02 januari 2023

Through the improvement in teams of lens design, Menicon Z Alpha (Z-α) has entered a new dimension in RGP lenses, which significantly enhances patients' visual performance, wearing comfort and fitting evaluation, and also maintains its corneal health by the cutting-edge "Z material" that enables the patiients to wear flexibly from daily use (or 30-day continuous wear if approved by your eye care professional).

Menicon Z Alpha has been manufactured with high accuracy and maintains a constant axial edge lift throughout all base curves. By choosing the spherical design in Menicon Z Alpha, which is alongside the existing Menicon Z Aspheric, it creates a natural alignment with the cornea, eliminating areas of acute bearing , and providing consistently smooth tear exchange for comfort and long-term corneal health.

The parameter "C.T" or "tc" that appears in the description of this contact lens indicates the thickness of the middle of the lens (center thickness). It is NOT necessary to enter this value in the selection of parameters, as the thickness that your lens needs is calculated automatically depending on the rest of parameters.

Return policy: This lens is a "made-to-order" lens (custom product), it is not possible to cancel the order. Also, this lens cannot be returned, or exchanged.

Tillverkare Menicon
Material N/A
Syregenomsläpplighet (Dk/t) Nej
Silikonhydrogel Nej
Dag och natt kontaktlinser Nej
Antal linser/box 1
UV-skydd Ja
Bärtid 1 år (rengöras daglig), eller upp till 30 dagar/30 nätter
Vätskehalt (%) N/A